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The Zanotti Company boasts a rich history as innovators and “Solution Based” strategies that have allowed the company, through experience, to develop a tradition of unsurpased quality, reliability and safety in the design, customization and the manufacturing of a variety refrigerating equipment for the refrigerated food industry. The main commerce of the company consists of the most appropriate use of “cold” for the refrigeration and storage of agro-foodstuffs, drying and seasoning of cold cuts and cheeses, grain chilling in silos and Transport Refrigeration.








With more than 40 years of experience, Zanotti S.p.A. is the Worldwide Leader in the field of the Industrial Refrigeration and the Treatment of Air in these Applications.
Founded Zanotti S.p.A. in 1962. Since its inception, Zanotti S.p.A. has been continuously developing and expanding its solutions in the areas of food preservation.
As a matter of fact it was Mario Zanotti himself who revolutionized the industry inventing the “UNIBLOCK” . This inovationcombined the refrigeration systems’ evaporator and condenser into a single system. for use in refrigerating Small and Medium Capacity Temperature Controlled Rooms.
The system is completely independent, and comes pre-assembled and ready to use. This innovative system has been used in many applications, and was the catylyst in the evolution of the product range to include Cheese and Cold Cut Maturing Machines, Commercial Refrigeration, andIndustrial Refrigeration for use in Large Capacity Temperature Controlled Rooms. In 1992 Zanotti continued their expansion in the industry with the introduction of Multicompressor Racks.In the early Nineties, Zanotti introduced their Line of the Transport Refrigeration Units (Transblock).The Corporate Structure of Zanotti has grown from the 30 employees in 1980 to todays 260, thanks in part to their growth and development in International Trade. Today, Zanotti sells its product to more than 70 countries around world, over 6 continents. The international management caught up with the big sales success thanks to the great technical innovation/research, the product adaptability and the highest quality standard of worlwide refrigeration market. Zanotti S.p.A.’s R&D, Innovation and Product Adaptability, combined with their High Quality Standards and Professional Management Team has result in International Sales success.



The Basic Principles of Zanotti’s Production and Manufacturing Philosophy have always been and remain as follows:

  • To provide its Customers with the Highest Professional Skill in the Industry, thoroughly supported by Technical Expertise, Continuous Research and Development and a Global awaraness of Technical Advances
  • To meet and exceedall increasing Technical and Structural requirements
  • To provide the Best Quality, Most Advanced Technology and Highest Degree of Reliability to ALL of its product.
  • To Guarantee Customers of a Quality Dealer and Service network ensuring satisfaction from installation to the maintenance and support of the equipment.